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What I do

I'm a qualified EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, Reiki and Crystal Healing Practitioner based in Boronia, Melbourne.
I have a passion for helping people overcome addictions, disordered eating, poor self esteem and negative body image.
I believe that if our perception and feelings about ourselves change, then the whole world changes with it, including quality of life and what we can achieve.
My mission is to help people become more comfortable with themselves, their bodies and how they live.
I am an intuitive healer who facilitates sessions in a safe, compassionate way, to allow you to heal trauma that keeps negative patterns, behaviors and mindsets in place.
People walk away feeling empowered and much lighter, gifted with a renewed sense of awareness and confidence.
Self sabotage is a thing of the past and I'm here to help you break free.

"Healing is a journey, not a destination"


I reached out to Rachael to overcome my tendency to procrastinate. This year I started my business but was really struggling to move forward and make progress. I was finding all the excuses under the sun and always believed I couldn't do it. I felt very stuck because on one hand, I wanted to succeed but my actions said another thing. The session with Rachael helped me see that everything I was experiencing was fear based and we were able to clear it in just one session. Since then I have found the courage to be active on social media, create business cards and talk to people about what I do. She is amazing at creating a very safe and comfortable space without judgement. I'm impressed by the techniques She is using and how effective they were! Very Grateful!

A. Filipowicz

Rachael holds space in a healing session like someone with decades of experience. Her confidence and skill inspired a deep trust that allowed me to be gently guided by her intuition, on a healing journey that in turn created far reaching changes for me. I feel so lucky to have Rachael offering her services so close to me, the level of which I previously have driven hours to experience. If you decide to work with her too, I am excited for what you are about to begin!

I. Pope

Smoking update- After only one session of Matrix and future Reimprinting!
I am now down to smoking 3 cigarettes a day, before I was smoking 10! I used to wake up and that was the first thing I would think about, now I get to 3pm before I crave one. But I tap on the craving with the tools Rachael taught me and I'm able to delay the need to have one whenever it arises.

M. Burns

Rachael has a knack for feeling into and identifying her clients needs. Her skill set is sound and her openness and willingness to share her experiences and knowledge make for an inclusive and safe space. She is wise beyond her years and her intuition and guidance has been valuable for me in navigating my emotional baggage and limiting beliefs.

M. Albers

I had Reiki treatment with Rachael and it was amazing experience. Rachael is intuitive, great with her energy and very skillful. I felt light as a feather after the treatment. Very positive experience and will be coming back soon. Thanks Rachael!

E. Gligorovska

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